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Digital Marketing Course After 12th

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In today’s high-tech environment, digital marketing is widely acknowledged as the way to go. As more and more companies shift their focus to online channels in search of customers, those with expertise in digital marketing are in high demand. 


After completing their secondary education, students interested in entering digital marketing can enroll in one of the many courses available. This post will summarize the most beneficial digital marketing programs available for students after the 12th grade.

Digital Marketing Course After 12th – Syllabus, Fees, and Duration



  • Fundamentals and Objectives of Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Creatives and Designs

  • Video creation methods

  • Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

  • Customer avatar and Business Models

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads (L1)

  • Sales Funnel

  • Facebook Ads (L2)

  • Instagram Usage in Business

  • Influence through LinkedIn

  • Automation in “GOD” Mod

  • Capstone Project


Fees: To learn more about our fee structure, check out our Digital Marketing course package.


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Duration: 1 Month


Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Course After the 12th?

There is no doubt about it; it’s a branch of marketing used to advertise and sell goods online, whether that happens via social networks, email, web-based ads, or blogs. 

Brands and businesses can reach consumers via these channels. It’s the easiest strategy for getting people to buy your wares.


Students frequently use social media sites, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. They can promote their own goods and services on these sites.



Seems intriguing, right? With the right training, individuals can learn how to sell on social media and other online platforms. For this reason, taking a course in digital marketing after secondary education is always recommended.

Why is Digital Marketing the Best Career Opportunity after 12th?


Demand for digital marketers is high


In the near future, there will be a continued high need for those who can market goods and services online.


This is due to a significant gap between the supply and demand of digital marketing specialists. In addition, businesses are extremely eager to fill digital marketing positions.

Companies are aware of the many advantages that the Internet and digital platforms offer. This helps them to scale their firm to a wider extent, produce more cash, and reach a wider audience thanks to digital marketing.


Therefore, acquiring marketable skills is never a bad idea. It merely indicates that you will have a greater chance of obtaining employment that pays better and provides a higher level of security this is due to continued rise in demand for talents of this nature.


Digital marketing Careers can be very profitable


Digital marketers and the skill sets associated with them are currently among the most in-demand professions around the world. 


According to a survey of Google Trend search data, digital marketing abilities place one among the top trending job opportunities.


If you want to raise your income, you should learn digital marketing as soon as possible. Digital Marketing Employment Remuneration is significantly higher than average due to the increased demand for these roles.


Because of your level of knowledge, you may qualify for more responsible positions within the company, which could result in a raise in pay. 


Because of the rapid pace at which things change in the digital marketing sector, it is imperative that you always be on your toes and always be ready to learn and unlearn new things if you want to continue to be successful in the area and remain relevant. 


You have to be confident that you can command pay commensurate with your ability!


Digital marketing can help your career grow quickly


We disagree with the widespread belief that digital marketing is a dead-end career path. As an illustration of how rapidly the Internet evolves, consider the fact that relatively few people used WhatsApp in 2011.


Marketers in the digital realm need to be flexible in the face of these ongoing shifts. Therefore, they are continually expanding their knowledge and developing their skills. 


There is virtually no development ceiling. Digital marketing is a field full of new opportunities and exciting challenges.


Digital marketing will continue to exist


Similar to technology, the marketing industry is ever-evolving, thus practitioners must be adaptable when incorporating fresh ideas. In the 1990s, some people believed “the Internet” was only a fad.


We now know that this isn’t true at all. There are no signs that the growth of digital marketing will slow down. The marketing budgets of major multinational companies like Unilever and P&G as well as unicorns like Amazon and Zomato increasingly include a sizable portion of the budget.


Consequently, we are here to correct everyone who thinks digital marketing will become obsolete in the future.




A career in digital marketing offers a lot of flexibility in terms of employment, making it an appealing option for a number of reasons.


Those who are interested in working while traveling and doing other work according to their own convenient timings may find that a profession in digital marketing could be of great assistance to them.


The hustle required for a profession in digital marketing enables one to hustle in other areas. Most occupations like these have project deadlines, And as a result, one can dedicate the desired number of hours to work whenever they choose during the day.


Even digital marketers working for digital marketing organizations have the option to perform their duties from the comfort of their own homes, offices, or other locations of their choosing. 


If one has a strong interest in digital marketing, pursuing a career in the field is likely to be a very easy and stress-free experience for them.


The ideal vocation and an alternative for establishing a career out of digital marketing is because of the flexibility it offers in working hours and the working environment.

Digital Marketing Salary in India

Even for beginners, digital marketing companies in India offer satisfactory compensation. A significant increase in your potential earnings awaits you if, in addition, you have any prior experience in digital marketing.


The starting compensation for a digital marketing position is rupees 6.5lakhs per year However, it can go anywhere from rupees 4.5 to 5 lakhs per year.


The annual income might range anywhere between 12 and 20 lakh Indian rupees if you have 5 to 10 years of experience working in this industry.


You can make between 20 and 30 lakhs per year if you have more than ten years of expertise in the field.




I hope that the digital marketing course you take following your 12th-grade education will be enjoyable and infomative and that you choose the right career path for you.


The world we live in today requires businesses to have a strong presence in digital marketing. Taking the digital marketing course after you secondary education will provide you with the opportunity to reap the benefits of being an early entrant.

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