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MBA Marketing Project Topics


Completing projects is a significant component of an MBA’s educational experience. Every student must hand in one, and it must be on a topic pertinent to the area of specialization the student has chosen.

Every student has to complete a project at the end of the MBA course. Project is a significant component of the course, and students are expected to complete the project in their specialization.

Students pursuing an MBA in marketing comprehensively understand marketing-related themes and concepts. This provides a fantastic opportunity to exhibit their learning throughout the program. The planning and execution of your project increase the potential to land a better opportunity.

MBA Marketing Project Topics

If you are confused about where to begin your search, here are some project themes for MBA marketing students.

CRM planning and implementation in a business

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a method to maintain healthy customer relationships. Technology is just a way to interact with customers.

All parties involved in CRM implementation recognize this and build the structures and procedures needed to support it. Making the business world the driver by incorporating information technology provides a nice and helpful topic for the project.

Gamification as a customer retention and growth hacking strategy for technology products

Gamification is an excellent marketing strategy for boosting user engagement and retention. It uses elements like reward systems where users earn a coin or badge when they progress to the next level. Gamification increases customer loyalty and revenue.

With the assistance of case studies and statistics, this project will investigate the various approaches to gamification and the effect that these approaches have on users. This project will investigate various gamification approaches and their effects on users with the help of case studies and statistics.

Coca-Cola brand positioning analysis

Coca-Cola is widely recognized as one of the most successful brands in the food and beverage industry.

The Coca-Cola brand positioning study examines the brand’s external variables, such as potential and threats, and internal variables, such as its strengths and weaknesses.

This project is beneficial because it offers 500 varieties, such as sparkling water, coffee, tea, dairy products, etc.

A study on the impact of Google on e-commerce

Our habit while purchasing a product is checking about it on Google. This helps us better understand and determine whether we need the product or not. In recent years, Google has had a significant influence on the purchases we make online.

This project’s primary objective is to study the Google algorithm’s impact on e-commerce website customers. Also, it will strongly emphasize the significant tactics of e-commerce websites to bolster their online position.

Impact of customer service on customers in the telecom industry in the last 10 years

The adoption of more recent technologies in the telecom industry, with the goal of delivering improved customer service to existing customers, has led to significant industry-wide shifts over the course of the past few years.

To improve customer service, over the past few years, the telecom industry has led to significant industry-wide shifts. This project will focus on the development of customer service and the evolution’s influence on the industry’s end users.

In addition, you will collect data on particular analytics and metrics of the customers’ impact on adjustments made.

Use of artificial intelligence in marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, including marketing. AI has changed how businesses are carried out.

AI’s influence on marketing is an interesting project topic, as you have an opportunity to investigate the benefits and drawbacks of AI and how it alters digital marketing.

Various factors that influence brand loyalty

Consumers incline towards the products or services of a particular brand, even when there are comparable options available. This phenomenon is known as brand loyalty.

This is a worthy project topic to consider. Brand loyalty can be gained by the quality of the items offered, the pricing, the level of customer service provided, the brand’s reputation, etc.

All these factors affect the consumer’s mind in building brand loyalty. This project topic tries to discover all of the significant elements that drive brand loyalty and how these aspects differ from one another to understand better how to improve brand loyalty.

This project discovers the significant elements that drive loyalty and the differences between them to improve brand loyalty. Students can obtain valuable insights and create crucial strategies to boost customer loyalty.

Customer purchasing behaviour research

Consumer behaviour still receives the most attention from researchers and marketers. Many academics and researchers focus on consumer behaviour and have uncovered various reasons.

Many believe that customer behaviour directly impacts the entire enterprise’s performance. Researchers and marketers also researched the background of consumer behaviour.

Consumer awareness and attitudes toward recycled packaging

The current situation calls for increased measures in environmental care. This project makes you aware of the industries and the consumers. Also, it educates people about the environment and the impact of packaging on the world.

An analysis of the evolution of the automobile industry in India

The automobile industry in India has been continuously evolving recently. It was a closed and protected industry, but now it’s become less controlled, which has increased the amount of competition in the market.

This project will focus on the factors that made international corporations participate and significantly shifted consumer preferences.


The success of your MBA project can be determined by various factors, including the amount of effort and time you put into it, the research methods you use, and how interesting the subject matter is.

The process of selecting a topic for a marketing project can be extremely intimidating, particularly if the student is unsure about their interest. You need to keep in mind a few different elements while looking for a good topic.

For example, think about fascinating things and select a comfortable subject for writing. When you are performing research and doing surveys, this might help you feel more at ease and provide better results.

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