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The Complete Digital Marketing Course 12 – Courses in 1

The complete Digital Marketing Course 12 courses in 1

Hello Digital enthusiasts! Are you excited to explore the amazing world of Internet marketing? Well, get ready, because we’re about to share some exciting information.

Imagine this: a super digital marketing course that’s actually 12 courses in one! Yes, you heard correctly – it’s like getting twelve courses but only paying for one. Get ready for an exciting online journey!

Introduction - Let's Get Digital:

Let’s start with great excitement! We’re talking about a game-changing experience here. Have you ever wondered what makes those online ads so irresistible? Or how brands manage to be everywhere on social media?

This course shares secrets and gives you special abilities to succeed online.

Why choose Social Eagle? We believe in education and hands-on experience for success. Our training covers technical skills and industry knowledge, guided by dedicated instructors.

We’re committed to helping you excel in digital marketing. With personalized guidance, mentorship, and valuable support, Social Eagle Academy ensures your journey toward a fulfilling career. Don’t wait, start your path to success today!

Social Eagle Course

Syllabus of Digital Marketing Course

Let us have a into the Syllabus of our comprehensive 12 in 1 Digital Marketing course. 

1) Fundamentals and Objectives of Marketing:

Let’s start by going back to the beginning. Think of marketing like a puzzle, and these are the essential pieces. We’ll explain marketing details step by step, so you’ll know how to connect everything and make your brand stand out.

Learn Marketing Basics, Digital Mindset, and Platforms. Grasp Digital Marketing’s Importance. Define Business, Marketing, and Digital Marketing Objectives.

2) Social Media Marketing:

Be a social butterfly. Are you addicted to scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Well, guess what? Now you can turn that addiction into a superpower. Learn how to use these platforms to make your brand the talk of the town.

Social Media Management: Understand its importance. Schedule and share content strategically. Use varied post types and an effective content structure. Master hashtags and keywords for optimal results.

3) Copywriting:

Get ready for your keyboards, friends, as we’re about to learn persuasive writing. Imagine it’s like using a magic trick in marketing. From intriguing titles to words that make things sound great, you’ll have the power to sell things really well.

Copywriting: Craft persuasive content. Diverse methods and styles. Evergreen headline formula. Turning copywriting into income.

4) Creatives and Designs:

You don’t need to be an art school graduate to nail this. We’re talking about creating eye-popping visuals that make people stop mid-scroll. Whether it’s designing a logo or creating graphics for your posts, Designs that resonate: Learn the 3-Sec formula.

Master design principles, CANVA, and color psychology. Excel in Facebook and Google’s creative dimensions. Turn your design skills into a profitable venture. We’ve got you covered.

5) Artificial intelligence in Marketing:

The future is now. Let’s get futuristic and talk about AI. No, it’s not just for sci-fi movies. AI in Marketing: Understand AI’s role. Explore AI’s impact on marketing.

Harness AI tools for simplified marketing. Discover how AI can supercharge your marketing efforts, helping you connect with customers on a whole new level.

6) Customer avatar and Business Models:

Meet Your Group – Ever pretended to be a detective? Now you can. We’re revealing the hidden details about your best customers – who they are, what they like, and how you can make them really like your brand.

Customer Avatar & Business Models:

  • Master AIDA & UPSYD models for Customer Journey
  • Define Audience, Conduct Market Research
  • Formulate Audience Hypothesis
  • Understand Market Temperature (COLD, WARM, HOT) And we’re adding some clever business tricks to make things even better.

7) Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Be Google’s Best Friend – Have a website? Great! But if it’s buried on page 10 of Google, no one’s finding it. SEO Essentials:

  • Impact on Digital Marketing & Sales Funnel.
  • Business benefits of SEO investment.
  • On-Page, Technical, Local, Off-Page SEO. 
  • Competitor analysis, SEO audit, and data insights.
  • Boost conversions through conversion rate optimization.

8) Google Ads:

Be Google’s Best Friend – Google isn’t just a search engine; it’s also a goldmine for advertising. We’re talking about creating ads that people can’t help but click on. Google Ads & Conversion Tracking:

  • Utilise Tag Manager & Analytics for Conversion Tracking.
  • Explore Google Ads types: Search, Display, Video, Shopping.
  • Craft Search ads: Keywords, ad groups, and copy.
  • Create impactful display ads with precise targeting.
  • Optimise video ads on YouTube for better engagement.

Set up shopping campaigns with optimised product feeds. Get ready to be the puppeteer pulling the strings of those clickable ads.

9) Facebook Ads:

Scroll-Stopping Strategies – Get your brand in front of the right people, even as they’re scrolling through cat memes:

  • Facebook Ads Level 1: • Start with Profiles, Pages & Best Practices.
  • Learn Meta Ad Manager basics & Ad account setup.
  • Explore Facebook Campaigns and Lead Generation.
  • Master Copy, Creative, and CTA for your first ad.
  • Address common ad issues and understand funnels

Master the art of crafting Facebook ads that make people stop, stare, and take action.

10) Sales funnel:

The Journey to YES: Picture this: a funnel that pours in potential customers and spits out happy buyers. Sales funnels are step-by-step paths that guide people through buying something.

There are various types of funnels and pages used to attract and convince customers. A landing page is where the sales pitch happens, and the words you use there are called copy. To take payments smoothly, you link payment systems like credit cards.

As a funnel builder, you earn money by creating effective funnels that help businesses sell more. We’re breaking down the sales journey step by step, making sure your customers go from “maybe” to “heck yes!”

11) Instagram and LinkedIn Usage in Business:

Instagram isn’t just for sharing food pics, and LinkedIn isn’t just a digital resume. Using Instagram for business means using it to help your company. You can use reels to make short and fun videos for your business.

Planning content is about deciding what to post and when. The 10-step formula guides your actions on Instagram. It can also bring in leads and help turn them into customers.

Discover how to use these platforms strategically to grow your business, connect with influencers, and make meaningful connections.

12) Automation in 'GOD' Mode:

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Tired of doing the same tasks over and over again? Say hello to automation! Automation in ‘GOD’ mode refers to supercharged automation. It involves using tools to make tasks automatic, like sending emails.

These tools are like helpers for automation. Email marketing is one area where automation is often used to send emails to many people at once.

We’ll show you how to put your marketing on autopilot, so you can focus on sipping your favourite beverage while your brand gets some serious attention.

100% placement assistance:

Committed to learners’ success with 100% guaranteed placement assistance, empowering them to achieve their career goals and reach their full potential.

Take the first step towards your dream career with our placement assistance – providing personalised guidance and support for endless opportunities in digital marketing.

Placement Assistance Eligibility – Regular attendance at classes is mandatory to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum. Timely submission of real-time projects will showcase your skills and dedication to the program.

A uniquely crafted resume will highlight your strengths and make you stand out to potential employers. An enhanced portfolio demonstrating your practical skills and projects completed during the program will help you showcase your capabilities to potential recruiters.

Our trainers:


Who’s holding the mic? Only the rock stars of the marketing world!

Industry Experts – Experienced and inspiring digital marketing professionals share real-world knowledge and expertise, empowering learners with practical skills and insights for success.

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai by Industry Experts Our trainers aren’t just experts; they’re real-life wizards who’ll guide you through every twist and turn of this digital rollercoaster.

Dharaneetharan G D Founder & CEO – Social Eagle Marketing & Business Growth Expert Dharaneetharan G D is a digital expert, and founder of Social Eagle, a top digital agency, and 21DC Community.

Brands that trusted us like Nestle, Naturals, Haagen-Dazs, and Asus ( Inspiring Innovation President Perfection ) and motivates as a speaker, impacting over 2 lakh people. Awarded for social media, he’s an author and aims to uplift a million Tamil lives with his work.

Vishnu Hari CTO: Social Eagle E-commerce & Performance Marketing Expert
Sudharsanan Ganapathy: Founder & CEO – The Social Company Personal Branding Expert
Ashkar Gomez: Founder – 7 Eagles Growth Marketing & SEO Expert

Brands that trust us

Brands that trust us
Brands that trust us


Your Digital Odyssey Awaits – There you have it, digital explorers! The Complete Digital Marketing Course: 12 Courses in 1 is your ticket to conquering the digital realm. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to digital dominance.

Get ready to unlock your inner marketing maestro and take your brand places you’ve only dreamed of. It’s time to make waves in the digital ocean – are you in?

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